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About Us

The 82d Medical Group provides health services for approximately 19,500 beneficiaries and provides medical care for more than half of the air force’s annual throughput of Airman in Training (AiT,) managing an average daily Student Load of 4560 personnel.

In addition they also manage medical care for the 250-millon dollar Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program (ENJPT). The Group is accredited by the Joint Commission.

The Group is comprised of three squadrons:

The 82d Medical Support Squadron (MDSS) consists of 10 flights providing Personnel and Administration, Resource Management, Education and Training, TRICARE Operations and Patient Administration, Medical Readiness, Information Management, Pharmacy, Diagnostic Imaging, Laboratory, and Logistics which includes Regional Medical Equipment Repair and Facility Management. The 82nd MDSS supports healthcare delivery by managing a group budget of $53 million dollars and manpower programs for more than 116 staff members. The managed care program supports an enrolled population of approximately 8,000, amounting to approximately 70K annual patient visits. Additionally, the squadron provides ancillary services with a 6 million dollar pharmacy budget, diagnostic imaging with an average of 30 patients daily and laboratory services with an average of 47 patients daily.

The 82d Medical Operations Squadron (MDOS) provides comprehensive primary care and limited referral and space-available subspecialty care to TRICARE-enrolled patients at the medical group. The squadron is comprised of 5 flights: Family Health Clinic, Internal Medicine, Mental Health, Gynecology, and Pediatrics. They have a combined strength of 94 assigned personnel. Available services include: Family Advocacy, Family Medicine, Immunizations, Dental, Internal Medicine, Mental Health, Physical Therapy, Primary Care and Substance Abuse Counseling. Combined these clinics average more than 5.8K patient visits annually, totaling approximately $70K in visits per year.

The 82d Aerospace Medicine squadron (AMDS) delivers comprehensive aerospace and operational medical services to 850 aviators and supports a population-based preventive medicine program to 19,500 beneficiaries with 115 health care staff. The squadron is comprised of 7 flights including Public Health, Optometry, Aerospace and Operation Physiology, Dental, Flight Medicine, and Trainee Health.

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